Six Examples Of Custom Embroidered Workwear

When businesses want to make their staff identifiable or create a sense of unity across a workforce, one of the most conducive actions is to provide embroidered uniforms. And, of course, it can be good to have custom embroidered workwear so that these uniforms include unique logos, designs and colours associated with your business.

One such example of work wear embroidery can be found in the form of hi vis embroidered work shirts. While beneficial for safety reasons, hi vis gear always makes a worker stand out. But hi vis shirts don’t all need to look the same. In order to make your company more visible, you can have logos and designs transferred onto the front or back of the shirts. Your workers can act almost like free advertising for your company. Hi vis workwear can also come in a number of different colours such as yellow, orange, blue, red and combinations of these colours along with those iconic reflective strips. In a similar vein to hi vis workwear, overalls can also come in a number of different forms to suit the style of your business. Perhaps more so than hi vis shirts – which feature a limited fluorescent colour palette – overalls can come in a variety of colours to suit a company’s colour scheme. Another example that bridges both these types of clothing is the flame retardant workwear. This is important for those working with electricity or for workers in environments involving heated components or liquids. They also do not need to be merely standard; they can be made in different colours, styles and with different logos.

Another type of profession that can benefit from custom embroidered workwear are those involved in sport. Whether a professional player, coach or even an enthusiastic amateur, custom sportswear can be tailored to suit a particular team’s colours or complete with a team or business’ logo. Another example of a profession that benefits from embroidered work wear that can be customised is chef and catering uniforms. Whilst chef uniforms generally only come in two colours (white or black), they can be outfitted with custom logos. However, the likes of bibs and aprons come in many different colours. This can be important particularly when outfitting service staff. This clothing can be customised with custom logos and designs, and come in a variety of different colours to suit the branded colours of a restaurant. Lastly, bodywarmers can be extremely important in a number of industries – especially for those working in outdoor activity careers. These, once again, can be customised with particular logos and designs, and also come in particular colours too. Since the staff can often be in public facing roles that may involve some element of danger or risk, it is important that they be properly identifiable to any customers.

But it is important to note that these are just six particular examples of how companies use custom embroidered workwear for different purposes. There’s no doubt that embroidered workwear can benefit businesses across all industries.