5 Reasons why you need Embroidered Workwear

If you’re looking to add quality to your staff uniforms, look no further than embroidered workwear from PPG Workwear! Our embroidered workwear is suitable for an extensive range of professions, so don’t hesitate to find something suitable today!

For your uniform to stand out, we provide embroidery and printing to customise your clothing, whether it’ a chef uniform, flame retardant uniform or Hi-Vis workwear. Why not incorporate your company logo, name, and brand?

Here’s why you need to make your embroidered workwear up to date today!


At PPG Workwear, we provide embroidery services to allow you to put your personal stamp on your uniform. A uniform that’s customised is instantaneously worth more than a uniform that’s plain and boring!

With our help, you have the opportunity to make your brand stand out from any other- can you afford not to choose embroidered workwear?


As with any of the workwear we supply, the embroidered workwear is guaranteed to provide you with the best value for money, ensuring that you don’t only look and feel the part but you also have the opportunity to save money!

We use only the best materials for our workwear, whether it’s the flame retardant workwear or Hi-Vis workwear, our clothing is designed to offer a solution for all weathers to ensure that you keep warm and dry at all times. What’s more, our embroidered workwear is not only durable but washable too meaning you needn’t worry about it lasting and maintaining a high-quality finish for longer!


Nobody wants to feel outdated in the workplace- why not add style to your workwear uniform by choosing something from our collection of embroidered workwear?

The embroidered workwear we supply is designed to satisfy the most stylish demands, allowing you to look more professional without compromising your functionality and ability to work comfortably. Embroidery is a simple addition to make to workwear but is considered to provide a certain timeless elegance- it’s still as popular today as it was ever before!


In the workplace, you want to be sure that you make the right impression- your uniform is just one way in which you can do so!

Make your workwear more visible by incorporating embroidery, this will make you stand out more to your clients. Embroidered workwear is ideal if your staff need to be easily seen, we can help you to create a uniform that’s eye-catching and endearing.


Do you need your uniform to withstand high impacts and pressures? Why not choose workwear from PPG Workwear today? We provide embroidered workwear to suit your requirements specifically, this can be in the form of a logo, or brand, no matter what you’re looking for, you can bet we have the most reliable solution!

Regardless of whether you’re looking for something simple and affordable or perhaps something a little more luxurious and complex, our team of experts will be more than willing to customise your workwear, simply call us today on 01465 881 188!

Safety And Comfort From Your Workwear Clothing 

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