Workwear With Embroidery

Workwear With Embroidery - Is There A Difference Between A Shirt And A Blouse?

Workwear with embroidery is extremely popular, and many employers and business owners like to use this kind of uniform to ensure a cohesive and coherent look for their team. It is extremely important to make sure that each team member is comfortable in the clothes they are required to wear.

Is there, for example, a difference between a shirt and a blouse when it comes to embroidered workwear? It may not seem like it at first, but workwear such as this can have a number of differences, and that can mean that some will be more comfortable than others for employees to wear. Traditionally, a shirt is a male item of clothing, whereas a blouse is meant for women – although this wasn’t always the case. Once, a shirt was a description of a piece of clothing that was used to wear over the top of another (such as a vest, for example). A blouse had nothing underneath. Both were male items of clothing. A shirt was a more ‘lower class’ garment, however. It would have been workwear for labourers and farmers. The gentry would have worn blouses which were more richly decorated, and which were made of higher quality material. A blouse didn’t become a specifically female item of clothing or workwear until two hundred years later. Shirts always have buttons down the front, and blouses in the twenty first century do too, but these working clothes didn’t always look like this - blouses used to have no buttons at all. Embroidered workwear UK wide includes a huge range of both blouses and shirts.

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