Workwear Logo Embroidery

Workwear Logo Embroidery - What Are The Oldest Logos In The World?

Workwear logo embroidery has been popular for many decades, and is a great way of giving potential customers information about who you are, about your company, and about its workers. A well-known logo inspires trust and possibly profits. What are some of the oldest logos in the world?

One of the oldest logos in the world is that of Stella Artois. It was created all the way back in 1366, and is still used on embroidered workwear for the company today. That logo has helped to net Stella Artois an enormous turnover of $43.2 billion. And then there is Twinings Tea. Created in 1887, this logo hasn’t changed much to the present day. A strong logo to wear on embroidered workwear UK wide won’t need to keep changing – in fact, it’s better to keep it the same if possible. Changing it can just confuse people and make the company look unfocused or unsecure. 1886 was the year that the first version of the Levi’s logo was created. It featured two horses and many people used to call the jeans the Two Horse Brand – the very simple but very famous Levis logo was created later, and it meant that people finally knew the name of the brand of jeans they were so keen to wear. As you can see, an enduring, simple, and well known logo that is embroidered on work clothing, used on letterheads, and emblazoned across all merchandise from a company keeps it in the public mind.

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