Workwear Embroidery Online

Workwear Embroidery Online - Don’t Make Your Logo Do Too Much!

Workwear embroidery online offers the chance to create a fantastically memorable brand that can be worn on uniforms and protective items of clothing. Creating the ideal logo is an exciting prospect, but many new business owners get very carried away and it runs the risk of going wrong. What are the pitfalls?

When it comes to embroidered workwear and the logos that are stitched into them, less is most definitely more. A logo should be an eye-catching, memorable image with very little writing on it. Sometimes it is even best to just have the company name and no other words included at all. As the company becomes more and more well known, even the name will no longer be required on embroidered workwear UK wide. Until then, however, having the name, and possibly a short strapline, will work out for you. A logo that says too much ends up not communicating anything at all, which is the last thing anyone actually wants. Whilst it is important to understand what a company does, putting all of that information on your logo is not the right way to do it. It can be too much for someone to take in at a quick glance, and that can leave potential customers feeling confused or bombarded with information. It will simply not register with them, and that means that they will never discover what it is you do or how you can help them. Bearing all this in mind, if you do go for a simple logo, it needs to make sense and just a shape or a letter won’t help either!

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