Work Wear Embroidery

Work Wear Embroidery - What Is The History Of The Tabard?

Work wear embroidery can be used for many industries and many different items of clothing. It is great at showing the general public and employees who ‘belongs’ to which company. This can make a real difference to the public perception of your business. Tabards are popular, particularly in the cleaning industry.

Did you know that tabards have a rather noble and interesting history? If you wear a tabard as an item of embroidered workwear, you are, in fact, wearing a piece of the past. The tabard as work wear began life during the Crusades in the early eleventh century – the soldiers who fought in those ‘Holy Wars’ wore tabards to show which side they were on. So embroidered workwear UK wide has been around for much longer than anyone might have imagined. The Crusades were about the Christians of Britain travelling to what is now known as Israel to ‘reclaim’ the holy lands from those who lived there. The soldiers – crusaders – would be dressed in heavy chainmail suits (which really would be uncomfortable work wear, and of course embroidery would be impossible) for protection. These were not particularly practical for moving about in, but they did make it difficult for primitive weapons to damage the flesh itself. The tabards would be worn over the top, and these would certainly have been embroidered. They would most often have the sign of the cross stitched into them so that there would be no doubt as to who was fighting whom.

So work wear embroidery has been around for centuries, but the modern methods employed by PPG Workwear mean that it is much quicker and more efficient than ever before. You can find out more about how we do what we do at http://www.ppgworkwear.co.uk/. Or why not speak to us directly on 01465 881188 or email sales@ppgclothing.co.uk?