Work Wear Embroidered

Work Wear Embroidered – A Short Guide To Safety Clothing

Work wear embroidered uniforms can still be applied in high risk environments. You might be tempted to think of embroidery on uniforms as the privilege of office shirts and stylish outdoor work jackets. But it is also possible to offer your workers embroidered workwear for all kinds of high risk conditions, not least those in which extremes of temperature such as fire and sub-zero conditions are daily hazards. There is a huge array of products on the market, and when it comes to your employees’ safety, you might understandably be nervous about choosing the right safety wear. With this in mind, here is a brief guide to flame retardant and cold store embroidered wear.

Embroidered Workwear Which Is Flame Retardant

Embroidered workwear UK based can also be flame retardant. Naturally, safety is the first and foremost thing to bear in mind when selecting workwear for high risk environments. But there is absolutely no reason why this clothing can’t also fit well and look good while instantly identifying the wearer as a member of your team. Embroidery offers you the chance to utilise your employees’ uniforms for free advertising, and to project a positive brand image; and you can certainly purchase work wear embroidered with your logo or corporate message from most good workwear companies. But flame retardant embroidered work wear is a different matter entirely. When working in an environment where heat or open flames are present, flame retardant work wear is vital in preventing workplace injuries. A flame retardant substance is one which slows down the spread of flames, giving your employees more protection in a potentially catastrophic accident. This specialist work wear can therefore provide critical seconds to prevent serious injury or death in workplace accidents. But you don’t have to lose out on the benefits of customisation: if you opt for specialist embroidered work coats, you can gain this safety advantage while still providing a uniform that bears your company logo. So there are three key factors to look for when choosing workwear for this kind of working environment. Firstly, check the safety standards the clothing complies with. Then, ensure you’re choosing quality clothes that will fit your staff comfortably. And finally, make sure you source work jackets embroidered to perfection. Portwest, for instance, is a fantastic brand that meets the high standards you are looking for.

Embroidered Work Jackets That Protect From The Cold

At the other extreme, embroidered work jackets and the like can also protect employees against excessively cold environments. When working in a coldstore, it’s essential that employees are protected against adverse conditions while allowing them to work comfortably. As an employer, the responsibility for providing the right safety wear rests largely with you. Purchase the right embroidered jackets for work and they will not only protect staff from freezing temperatures, but also promote your brand image too. The first consideration when purchasing coldstore work wear for your employees is the degree of protection necessary. Working for long periods in extremely cold environments might necessitate the full protection of jackets, trousers, gloves and so on; whereas less extreme temperatures or occasional visits might just demand overalls. Again, Portwest leads the field in coldstore protective clothing. Their overalls guarantee safe working at temperatures as low as -40oC, and clothing is certified to all relevant safety standards. A lined, attached hood is concealed under the collar with a drawstring, and the collar is fleece-lined for extra warmth. The overall also comes with reflective strips, to fulfil hi vis requirements, and has a two-way heavy duty zip down the front. The suit has leg zips for easy access and an extended cuff with a thumb opening, effectively replicating the effects of gloves. A 300g thermal lining helps maintain much body heat without being too bulky and heavy. In terms of coldstore work wear, Portwest is essentially the best option, but they do not embroider their gear. If you’re looking for personalisation of your uniforms, then buy from PPG Workwear.

Work Wear Embroidered Uniforms – The Best Brands From PPG Workwear

PPG Workwear has the last word in work wear embroidered to perfection. We supply a range of embroidered work shirts and clothing for office and outdoor wear, but also safety apparel which can be embroidered or printed with your logo or brand. Our main source of coldstore and flame retardant work wear is Portwest, a trusted name when it comes to high risk environment work wear. Our high quality embroidered workwear doesn’t come at an outrageous price either, and with us you can rest assured of both fantastic work wear and embroidery. To see our full range, simply head to http://www.ppgworkwear.co.uk/. If you would like to discuss your needs with an adviser, call today on 01465 881188.