Work Uniform Embroidery

Work Uniform Embroidery - Interesting Embroidery Facts

Work uniform embroidery is just one type of embroidery – and just one use for this skill. There are plenty more, as well as a lot of history behind something that looks simple but that is hard to master. What are some interesting facts about embroidery that you will find intriguing?

Today, most embroidered workwear is created using an embroidery machine. The pattern required for the workwear or uniform is digitised into the machine using special software. The clever part comes when the machine has to work out exactly what goes where – how much colour, how much thread and so on – to create the image. Whether they are done by machine or by hand, embroidered uniforms always have a lot of work to go into them. In the past – and now, to some extent – embroidered goods were seen as a sign of the highest social status in Muslim societies. Therefore, the more embroidery that was in the home, the more upper class the family was seen to be. Over time, this became evident in outside the home too – no longer was embroidery confined to uniforms and household items. It ended up everywhere, especially in cities such as Cairo, Istanbul, and Damascus. Apart from uniforms, slippers, horse bridles, purses, belts, tunics, robes, and even shoes were embroidered. Embroidery is the most commonly applied type of art to any kind of fabric – the chances are you have some embroidered clothing in your own wardrobe! And finally, embroidery was originally a male profession, even though that might sound rather surprising.

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