Work Shirts Embroidered Logo

Work Shirts Embroidered Logo - Why Is Embroidery Better Than Printing For A Logo?

Work shirts embroidered logo is a very popular choice when it comes to putting your company’s logo onto your work uniform, shirts, jackets, trousers and more. There are alternatives, including screen printing, but embroidery is often the best option. Why is it so much better and what are the advantages of embroidery?

Embroidery is the process of reproducing your logo using different coloured threads, often using a special computerised embroidery machine. It works by firstly digitising your logo and then transferring that into the instructions for the machine. The finished result is impeccably created embroidered workwear. Printing (or screen printing) is created through ink, rather than thread. The image still needs to be digitised, but in the case of printing the design is created by squeezing coloured inks through mesh screens or stencils straight onto the clothing. So why is embroidery often considered better for embroidered work shirts and logos on uniforms? Embroidery is often less expensive than screen printing, especially when a large number of items are being embroidered at one time. This is because in screen printing, the image has to be created using special stencils, which are unique to your logo – this works out quite an expensive option. Secondly, using embroidered logos mean they are more durable. Repeated washes (which work clothes often have to go through) won’t affect embroidery like they do on screen printed shirts. Plus embroidery has the perception of being more professional, and more expensive, even though it is not. Therefore, in the majority of cases, embroidery is a better option than screen printing.

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