Uniform Shirts Embroidered

Uniform Shirts Embroidered - Why Is Embroidery So Popular?

Uniform shirts embroidered with your company logo are a fantastic, low cost, easy way to promote your business and keep your employees working as a team. What are some of the reasons that makes embroidery so popular, both in and out of the workplace? Why is it so well-loved?

Embroidered workwear has been used across the world for many decades, but it’s thought that embroidery itself as a way of decorating clothes has been around since at least 30,000 BC. It has been found on remains of clothing on fossilised remains of our ancestors! Of course, the items that were embroidered then were not embroidered uniforms or shirts, but it is interesting nonetheless. Embroidery machines now make the work much easier than it used to be when everything was done by hand, but they were only invented in the 1800s. Machines are still evolving today, and many people are interested to find out what sort of difference the newest innovations in embroidering machines will make to workwear in the future. The term ‘embroidering’ is so well known and understood that it has entered the English language as a descriptive term. If someone is said to be ‘embroidering the truth’ it means that they are embellishing it slightly. They aren’t out-and-out lying, but they are making the story more interesting by exaggerating a little. When it comes to hand stitching embroidery, there are five different stitches that can be done – and these can be added to work wear too. They are known as the outline, lazy daisy, satin, French knot and the cross.

There is a lot more to embroidery than you may think. However, to have your uniform shirts embroidered to best effect, it is essential to find a company that knows their business – a company like PPG Workwear. Search our website at http://www.ppgworkwear.co.uk/ for more details, or contact us on 01465 881188 or sales@ppgclothing.co.uk with any questions.