Uniform Polo Shirts Embroidered

Uniform Polo Shirts Embroidered - Are Polo Shirts The Ideal Garment For A Smart Casual Workplace?

Uniform polo shirts embroidered with a logo are popular with outdoor workers. But are they appropriate to wear in an office? Do they really meet the brief when it comes to a ‘smart casual’ dress code? No one wants to wear the wrong thing in the office, but would a polo shirt really be suitable?

It can be confusing working out what is appropriate to wear to work, unless you have specific embroidered workwear that leaves you no choice. Embroidered uniforms are useful, as they take the guesswork out of any work wear issues. However, if you do need to pick something that is suitable for work, and if the office dress code suggests ‘smart casual’, the traditional polo shirt can work really well. Smart casual means you can’t wear a standard t-shirt, and you can’t wear a formal dress shirt – one is too casual, while the other is too smart. The polo shirt falls somewhere in between, looking neat when worn tucked into more formal trousers with a belt, as well as smart shoes; but being comfortable enough to work in all day. However, there are some things to bear in mind when it comes to wearing your polo shirt (embroidered or not). It needs to be clean (of course!) and free of wrinkles. A creased shirt, no matter what the style, will never look smart. It is also a good idea to pick a shirt that is just one colour, and not too ‘busy’. Remember, this is a work environment and it needs to look professional.

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