Uniform Embroidery

Uniform Embroidery - Does Wearing School Uniform Stop Bullying?

Uniform embroidery might bring to mind workwear, but that isn’t the only type of uniform available or worn today. Schools in the UK often have a school uniform, and in order to set each uniform apart, it can be embroidered. The school will have a logo that can be put on jumpers, jackets and sportswear.

Embroidered uniforms have been a part of school life for decades, and although many children would rather wear their own clothes, uniforms are important for a variety of reasons. The first is that it helps to identify which children attend which school. This is useful for teachers to be able to work out which are ‘their’ children, and useful for others when they see children out and about. If they are misbehaving – or if they do something praiseworthy – people will know which school to contact. A second reason for children to wear embroidered workwear for school is to get them ready for the workplace. At many workplaces there will be a uniform (which may or may not include a logo or the company name); and if not a specific uniform, then there will certainly be a dress code. Wearing a uniform at school gets children ready for that reality. Finally, although school uniforms don’t stop bullying entirely, they do help to prevent it somewhat. When everyone is wearing the same thing, no one can be singled out for having the ‘wrong’ type of clothing; the wrong fashion, colour, fit and so on. In this way, school uniforms can assist those who might otherwise have been discouraged from attending school due to bullying over their clothing.

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