Embroidered Workwear

Embroidered Workwear – Choosing Uniforms For Your Staff

Embroidered workwear is an increasingly popular option when it comes to choosing uniforms for your employees. Creating the right impression of your business is incredibly important, but it isn’t really that easy. Having embroidered uniforms comes with plenty of benefits, but there are factors to consider before jumping straight into a purchase. You need to spend time thinking about the uniform itself for starters. Choosing a retailer who can both provide quality clothing and also embroider is also essential. With this in mind, here is a short introduction into the world of workwear embroidery and choosing the right uniform for your employees.

Embroidered Uniforms For Brand Image

By far, the number one reason for choosing embroidered workwear customised by your retailer is the promotion of your brand image. The overall outfit aside, workwear that is emblazoned with your logo or brand image is essentially free advertising. It is about image protection and brand identification. Not only will your clients, and indeed the whole outside world, see more of your brand; but they will also associate your team’s apparel with a cohesive and impressive work force. If your employees wear standard and matching clothing, then embroidered work uniforms will spread your message at no additional cost. As well as the benefits of free advertising, wearing a standard uniform will project an image of a professional and serious company. Personalised embroidered uniforms are also good for your employees themselves. Wearing the company logo on their embroidered shirt helps foster a sense of pride in the company and its values. Closely associating your employees with the company’s brand image can have positive psychological effects on their work ethic and opinion towards their employer. It’s also about standing out, differentiating yourself from your competitors. With embroidery, you can wear a brand as a badge of honour, without ruining the stylish look of a uniform.

Embroidered Work Shirts And Other Options

When it comes to customised clothing for work, it is important to choose a retailer who is able to provide a range of different uniforms for embroidery. Some customised workwear is limited to simple embroidered work shirts or polo shirts, while other companies might offer hoodies or jackets for embroidery. If you want true freedom to craft your perfect uniform, you should choose a retailer that offers embroidery on a comprehensive range of products. A good retailer will be able to offer customised work wear in the form of trousers, t-shirts and shirts, and even hats and gloves. They might offer embroidery of soft shell jackets, overalls and body warmers. If your work environment is also high-risk, you might want to look at embroidery on flame retardant, high visibility, or cold store clothing for your work place. In terms of work uniforms, branding is also important. Obviously the visible brand will be your company’s, but the brand of clothing is vital in terms of reliability and quality. When it comes to embroidered shirts for work, some of the top names include Disley and Williams. You should also look for Kustom Kit and Russell Collection apparel, as these brands are the final word in comfortable, stylish and affordable work wear.

Embroidered Workwear UK And Other Uniform Considerations

When thinking about embroidered workwear UK purchases, it’s essential to find a quality retailer that offers good, affordable embroidery. But you should also bear in mind more general considerations about your embroidered work wear. Professionalism is the key when it comes to choosing a standard look for your workforce, and it should be the first word on anybody’s lips when they see your staff uniform for the first time. People will only really take your staff as seriously as they look. Unless your customer base is young children, for instance, steer clear of overly bold colour combinations. If you are a restaurateur who dresses their staff in garish orange trousers, you will only be subject to ridicule, and your brand image will suffer as a result. In this case, you should choose uniforms which are elegant but authoritative and which also make your staff feel as good as they look. No matter what the quality of the embroidery, a uniform which does not suit the tone of the environment will lower your employees’ morale and be damaging for your company. Safety is also of paramount importance, and when selecting clothes, you should make sure they comply with relevant safety standards. For instance, flame retardant clothing for cooks is advisable.

Work Wear Embroidered Or Print?

When employers look at the cost of work shirt embroidery and the like, they often ask is it worth it? This is a reasonable question, as printing is an alternative which costs less than embroidery. Most good retailers offer printing options alongside embroidery, and the various benefits are worth a quick look. Firstly, what is embroidery? Embroidery is the process by which a design is sewn into a garment, either by hand, or more usually with an embroidery machine. A logo must first be digitalised in order to be read by an embroidery machine, which then stitches the design onto the work wear in question. Plain texts are easier to render and this is why they are cheaper than more complicated logos. Embroidered options have the benefit of complementing your brand with a quality image, one that is superior to the result you’ll get from printing. Work wear embroidered rather than printed is also longer-lasting, and you can produce multicolour, sometimes spectacular, images that speak quality. The drawbacks are that embroidered workwear is more expensive and that it is difficult to recreate small text legibly. Most employers consider embroidery to be superior, but ultimately it is up to you. You can find both printed and embroidered uniforms at PPG Workwear.

Embroidered Workwear From PPG Workwear

At PPG Workwear, we insist on providing our clients with only the highest quality embroidered workwear. We can embroider most type of work garments you can think of, from conventional shirts to safety apparel like fire retardant overalls and cold store clothing. We stock only the most trusted brands like Russell Collection and Disley, as well as Kustom Kit and Williams wear. Our embroidered work wear is only of the highest quality, but our prices are fair and incredibly competitive. You can see the full range for yourself at http://www.ppgworkwear.co.uk/. To speak to someone in person, you can just call us on 01465 881188.