Embroidered Workwear UK

Embroidered Workwear UK – All About Hi Vis Wear

Embroidered workwear UK wide does not just include conventional items like embroidered work shirts, caps and hats. When you purchase high visibility safety workwear for your employees, you can also choose to have the uniform embroidered with your company logo or brand. If embroidered workwear is not your style, good retail companies also offer screen printing and vinyl transfer options to personalise your uniforms. Although the customisation is perhaps a key factor in your purchasing decision, you should also know a little about the workwear itself, and not simply the embroidery options available. So with that in mind, here is a short introduction to hi visibility clothing that can be embroidered.

Embroidered Workwear And High Visibility Clothing

In high risk environments, it is essential that workers take the necessary precautions. This is essential for the well-being of the company’s employees, not to mention critical for the survival of the company. A central part of these precautions is the use of high visibility or high vis clothing in certain environments. High visibility clothing is made from fluorescent materials, often with reflective bands sewn into the clothing itself. High visibility clothing helps employees be seen during day and night. During the day, UV rays from the sun react with the fluorescent material, while at night, the reflective bands take advantage of artificial sources of light to ensure workers are visible to others. Of course, the primary function of high visibility clothing is practical, but it is still possible to look good while keeping safe, and work wear embroidered is also available in high vis options. High visibility clothing is necessary in work environments where visibility is poor, but your employees won’t just be wearing their uniforms in low vis environments. This is when embroidered logos are important. Embroidering even these most functional of uniforms is not only great free publicity for your brand or logo, but also projects a professional and serious image of your company. Embroidered workwear UK wide can be purchased from many good retailers of high visibility equipment, but you shouldn’t just rely on the fact that they offer embroidery services on their products. You should make sure that the high visibility embroided work wear they offer are of high standards of quality.

Workwear Logo Embroidery on High Vis Apparel

So what sort of quality standards should you expect from high visibility apparel with workwear logo embroidery? High visibility clothing, embroidered or not, must meet certain standards and criteria in order to be deemed safe enough for the work place. When purchasing work wear for low vis situations, considering these criteria is essential. First and foremost, risk levels must be met. This means that the high vis clothing in question must be suitable for each particular work environment. If your work environment is especially badly lit, you will need a higher level of reflectivity on the workwear. A full suit and jacket might be required in very gloomy conditions; whereas a high visibility waistcoat might be all that is needed in other situations. Of course, all these items of clothing can be embroidered when purchased from the right retailer. But high visibility clothing must also be comfortable. Safety comes first, naturally; but you will want your employees to be comfortable, so as to better do their jobs. Workwear with embroidery should not compromise comfortability, as workwear which is too tight or otherwise restrictive can actually increase the risk of work place injuries. Each item of workwear should also be compatible with other items of safety gear. It is important that high visibility jackets and shirts, for example, do not interfere with the helmet or gloves that also make up an essential part of your employees’ uniform. High visibility wear must also correspond with legal safety standards. Very few companies actually offer high quality safety workwear which can also be attractively embroidered, but PPG Workwear is one such company.

Embroidered Workwear UK From PPG Workwear

At PPG Workwear, we stock all types of embroidered workwear UK wide, including an extensive range of high visibility workwear and safety gear. Our embroidered workwear complies with all current safety standards, and we have your employees’ safety foremost in mind, while also ensuring all our workwear is incredibly comfortable to wear. We stock only the most reliable brands, and offer them to you at the fairest prices available. To find out more about our range of high visibility workwear, you can check out our website at http://www.ppgworkwear.co.uk/. You can also talk to one of our representatives over the phone by calling us on 01465 881188.