Embroidered Work Wear

Embroidered Work Wear - Some Uniforms Can Protect The Customer Too

Embroidered work wear has so many different functions, from looking smart, to fostering a sense of community and belonging, and even creating a brand identity that customers can trust. Some work uniforms, however, can also protect the customer from hazards. How does that work and what sort of hazards can be prevented?

Embroidered workwear within the catering industry is one such example. Aprons can be worn to prevent cross contamination in a food environment. They act as a physical barrier between the employee and the food, keeping the food safe from any accidental contamination. This means that when the customer buys fresh food – meat, fish, cheese, fruit, vegetables or anything else – they won’t also be buying anything that could potentially make them unwell. Not only does this save the customer from a nasty illness, but it prevents the employee and the company from becoming involved in any lawsuits or recriminations should something untoward happen. The medical industry is another in which aprons are routinely worn to ensure that patients are protected from any cross contamination. They also protect the medical staff by ensuring that they don’t come into physical contact with someone with a communicable disease. Gloves are another way of preventing cross contamination, and can be worn to protect both employee and customer. Embroidered workwear UK wide can include aprons, gloves, hats, jackets, and many other pieces of uniform. They show a company logo and branding, and if they are also used to protect the customer in some way, then they can also garner a high level of trust.

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