Embroidered Work Uniforms

Embroidered Work Uniforms - What Kinds Of Embroidery Threads Are There?

Embroidered work uniforms always look incredibly smart – they really do set professional companies apart from others. It shows a willingness to ‘do the right thing’ by employers and business owners when they invest in embroidery on their workwear and uniforms. What kinds of different threads are there that can be used?

Embroidered workwear is a fantastic way to make your employees feel like part of a team; it looks professional and can help to attract potential customers. There are a number of different kinds of embroidery threads that can be used on uniforms and personal protective equipment as well as everyday workwear. Each one is slightly different and will give a different look. One type that can be used on embroidered uniforms is known as crewel yarn. This is a fine wool and the thread is two ply (meaning there are two strands). Sometimes it can even be made of acrylic, made to look like wool. When it comes to cross stitching – a type of embroidery done on a special frame, and carried out by hand – the best thread (or floss) to use is stranded cotton. This is loosely twisted, six ply thread that is silky to the touch. It isn’t necessarily very hard wearing, so is not often used in workwear or in uniform embroidery. Filoselle is another type of thread – it is quite old fashioned and is made from silk waste when it has been reeled. Matte embroidery cotton is ideal for uniforms and work wear since it is a sturdy, non-glossy, five ply thread.

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