Embroidered Work T Shirts

Embroidered Work T Shirts - What Is The History Of The T Shirt?

Embroidered work t shirts are not a new thing. They have been around for a while now, and everyone knows what a t shirt looks like with its iconic t shape and short sleeves. The history behind the design and popularity of the t shirt might surprise you though.

The t shirt first made an appearance in America, and it was actually a part of the uniform of the US Navy. Although there were not embroidered workwear, they were still extremely durable yet lightweight; and perhaps most importantly, they were inexpensive. They were meant to be worn as underwear, beneath the rest of the uniform. The army realised the t shirt’s potential and created its own version, handing them out as standard issue uniform to new recruits. Soon, any worker who did their job outside or in a warm environment started to wear the iconic t shirt. Due to its cheap cost and lightweight feel, mothers then began to dress their sons in t shirts when they went out to play – by the 1920s the word ‘t shirt’ was officially in the dictionary. It wasn’t until the movie The Wizard of Oz that we actually see printed t shirts (which is only a short step to having work wear embroidered), after which the idea of putting a logo or design on the front of these shirts became incredibly popular – and lucrative for those creating them. The popularity of the t shirt was cemented when Marlon Brando wore his white shirt in A Streetcar Named Desire – this made wearing t shirts as an outer garment a cool thing to do.

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