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Embroidered work shirts are essential for any company that wants professional looking staff, while at the same time wishes to promote its company logo and improve its brand image. Uniform helps mark out a serious company from the rest, and customising your uniform can be a fantastic free advertising opportunity. There are many options to choose from when it comes to purchasing embroidered workwear, whether you are buying in large or small quantities. But at the same time, this diversity and level of choice can cause confusion. Which brand would best suit your company image and your requirements? Here are four of the very best brands in customisable work shirts.

Embroidered Workwear - Best Quality From Disley And Kustom Kit

When it comes to embroidered workwear or embroidered uniforms, and specifically embroidered work shirts, it pays to make the right choice. All companies aim to save money and balance the books. Often, company uniforms seem an ideal place to cut down on expenses. But skimping on workwear is rarely a good idea, and paying a little extra for quality means that over the longer term, you will make savings. Work shirts will wear better and won’t have to be replaced as often if they are of an excellent brand and from a trusted supplier. Paying for quality means receiving quality, and instead of associating your name with shabby, untidy workwear, you will be making a definitive and positive statement about your brand. Embroidered shirts for work from Kustom Kit, for instance, are always of the most superior quality. The name itself suggests the customisable aspect of the range, and with Kustom Kit, you can guarantee durable clothing that looks great but is still fully functional. The Kustom Kit workwear Oxford shirt for instance, is a hardwearing but comfortable long sleeved shirt suitable for a wide range of corporate environments. The shirt is incredibly stylish, yet at the same time is easy to maintain, washable at 50oC and easy to iron. Disley is another name associated with quality, and its embroidered work shirts online are world renowned. Disley have recently introduced a whole range of seven new colours with fantastic non-iron fabric and easycare properties. The Disley’s men’s business shirt is a standout example in durable, good looking workwear.

Embroidered Mens Work Shirts From The Russell And Williams Collection

But Disley and Kustom Kit are by no means the last word in embroidered mens work shirts. While they represent real quality, they do not dominate the market alone, and dozens of other quality brands are available to the company buyer. Amongst these brands, there are another two standout collections, namely the Russell Collection, and Disley’s Williams Collection. Although Disley has already been given a place of mention, it is worth touching upon their Williams Collection, a new trade-only collection from this trusted brand. The new range of garments has been meticulously designed in order to offer a stylish and fully coordinated collection of work shirts embroidered or otherwise. The Williams men’s classic pilot’s shirt is unparalleled in the market, and a best buy if this is the style of shirt you are looking at for your company uniform. The Russell Collection is a relatively newly introduced collection from Russell Europe. It was launched in 2004 and revolutionised the workwear market, bringing a design approach to the fore which was usually preserved for retail fashion. If a stylish look is important to you and your company’s brand, then the Russell Collection is for you. It is the original designer workwear label and the result of their hard work is high quality corporate team wear that introduces a whole new level of stylish flair. Their Oxford shirts are fantastic, and so too are their men’s long sleeve poplin shirt and their non-iron shirt range. All of these four brands, and so much more, can be bought and embroidered at great prices from PPG Workwear.

Embroidered Work Shirts From PPG Workwear

At PPG Workwear, we are dedicated to bringing you only the very best in embroidered work shirts and all other forms of vital work wear. We source our products from only the best and most trusted brands. If you are after a fair price for your embroidered workwear, then we should be your first port of call. To view our full range of products and peruse our collection at your leisure, visit our website at http://www.ppgworkwear.co.uk/. If you would like to discuss your requirements with us, or order over the phone, you can call 01465 881188 and one of our representatives will be delighted to talk to you about the products we have on offer.