Embroidered Work Jackets

Embroidered Work Jackets - What Is Embroidery?

Embroidered work jackets can look extremely smart and professional, and many companies have their work jackets, shirts and other items embroidered in order to form a proper corporate image. What is embroidery, and how it is it done? What makes it look so smart when on a work uniform?

Embroidered workwear ensures a uniform look to everyone who works in a specific location. It can even be a quick form of identification, so that people can know where others work and what they do. Embroidery has been around for a long time, and is known all around the world. Having your work wear embroidered is not a new idea, but it is and always has been popular. Embroidery is either done using a needle or by using a specialist machine. In either case, thread or yarn is used to create the writing or picture. The design is then sewn decoratively onto a base – such as a shirt or work jacket. This can be done in any colour that fits your company logo and look. It is a great addition to add to your business brand. Embroidery – and embroidering workwear – is something that is extremely popular today both as a business idea and also as a hobby. To be a master in embroidery can take many years. In the past, embroidery was seen as a sign of prosperity and wealth, and it could be that that idea remains today. It might not be a conscious thought, but a company with embroidered clothing could look more successful than others.

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