Embroidered Work Gloves

Embroidered Work Gloves - Why Do Gardeners Need Gloves?

Embroidered work gloves are important for a number of different industries, meaning that health and safety standards can be adhered to. For gardeners, however, gloves are an essential part of their uniform, and if they can be embroidered, then it is even better. Why are gloves so useful for gardeners?

Wearing embroidered work gloves is, first and foremost, a way to protect the skin and nails of your hands from being damaged. Gardening is difficult, physical work, and there are many things that can cause injury or damage hands that gloves can prevent. Embroidered workwear gloves will protect against thorns and brambles that can be seen, as well as hidden dangers within the soil itself such as buried glass, bits of broken pottery, and even simply stones. The soil is an unknown factor, and putting our hands into it unprotected is never a good idea. It is not just the physical damage that can be done to our skin that gloves protect us from – they also help to stop disease. By its very nature, a garden is open to the elements and wildlife. That includes domestic pets that may live in the house, but also wild animals such as foxes, hedgehogs and badgers. All of these animals have to defecate, and they may well do so in the soil that you are working on… Gloves can stop you from touching the faeces directly, and stop the spread of disease. Having your work wear embroidered – even your gloves – gives you a sense of safety and identity.

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