Embroidered Work Coats

Embroidered Work Coats - What Does Flame Retardant Mean?

Embroidered work coats that are flame retardant can be an essential piece of uniform and equipment for your workforce. They can even save lives. They are so important that many employers include them in the list of PPE (personal protective equipment) that each employee must have as part of their uniform.

If you want to purchase embroidered workwear that is flame retardant, it is still entirely possible to have this personalised. And due to modern styling and design, the item won’t look out of place or unusual – no one would know it was flame retardant unless they needed to. Flame retardant clothing literally slows down any fire that comes into contact with it, meaning that it burns much more slowly than other materials. This can give the wearer those extra few minutes they need to escape from a dangerous situation. Those in the fire service would clearly wear flame retardant clothing – and they can have their work wear embroidered – but other industries use the technology as well. People who work in hazardous environments that include electrical working (especially where electrical arcing could happen) would also wear them. So would those who work in environments that could be subject to flash fires, which includes the paper and pulp industry, food processing, and paint making. Refinery workers, people who work with chemicals, and those in the pharmaceutical industry would also wear flame retardant or flame resistant clothing. There are many industries in which this sort of clothing would come in extremely useful.

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