Embroidered Uniforms

Embroidered Uniforms – Common Ways To Utilise Workwear Embroidery

Embroidered uniforms are a popular choice for companies who want to take advantage of the fantastic free advertising opportunities offered by customised clothing. Embroidered workwear also says something which non-embroidered or standard workwear cannot. It speaks of professionalism and quality, and demands a certain level of respect from clients and employees alike. But if you are new to the world of buying workwear and particularly workwear that is embroidered, you might not be too clued up on what the possibilities are. In this article, we explored a few of the more popular options for workwear embroidery from which you can choose.

Embroidered Workwear From Formal Shirts To Hoodies

Embroidered workwear comes in all shapes and sizes. You would be surprised what items of clothing can be emblazoned with your company logo and what elements might constitute embroidered uniforms. To start with the basics, embroidered work shirts are the most commonly purchased item of clothing. Men’s shirts can be embroidered or printed with vinyl, maintaining a smart and professional look while at the same time promoting your business. In terms of men’s more formal work shirts, Disley and Kustom Kit are fantastic brands to choose. So too are Disley’s Williams collection, for more specialised embroidered shirts, and the fantastically smart Russell Collection, which brings designer style to the office shirt. Embroidered uniform shirts also take the form of more casual wear. Embroidered polo shirts are a smart, yet at the same time casual, option, and can too be embroidered with your company logo or brand. You should find a retailer which sells only high quality items that can stand the daily wear and tear of the workplace. Russell also make fantastic polo shirts, which come in a wide range of brilliant colour-fast colours. They cater for performance over time while providing a distinctive and professional look. Embroidered work uniforms can also take the form of customised sweatshirts, a brilliant choice when it comes to making sure that your employees have the appropriate uniform for their workplace environment. Orn are an outstanding brand in this field, as are Papini; while you can count on AWDis for excellent women’s and children’s hooded sweatshirts, which can also be embroidered.

Other Possibilities For Uniform Embroidery

But the possibilities of uniform embroidery are by no means limited to shirts, sweat shirts and polo shirts. Shirts might be all that is called for in the office, but uniform embroidery is not only required by white collar companies. Depending on your work environment, you might require additional clothing which meets health and safety standards, and it makes sense for this to be embroidered, as well as or instead of undershirts. If your company’s employees with be working outdoors in the wind or rain, you will need to supply them with jackets. When you are choosing a supplier, you should find a company which provides a range of outdoor jackets, and you have a number of options. You can purchase fleece-lined, rain, three in one and lightweight jackets, for instance. All these items, available in styles for both men and for women, can be embroidered, ensuring that even outdoors, staff maintain a degree of professionalism and brand promotion. Regatta and Portwest are both fantastic brands for durable, hard-wearing outdoor jackets. Work uniform embroidery can also extend to cover hats and caps. Embroidery looks particularly good on caps, and can help project a very stylish brand image. Whether your employees need caps or hats for cold or hot weather, it’s easy to source a retailer who can supply you with a range of beanies, panel caps and cotton caps. Beechfield and Result are both particularly good brands when it comes to workwear caps and hats. All these brands and more can be found at PPG Workwear.

Fantastic Embroidered Uniforms From PPG Workwear

At PPG Workwear, we specialise in providing embroidered uniforms for companies, and stock a fantastic range of workwear options. We have shirts of all types, and stock all the best brands, including Disley and Kustom Kit. We also provide sweat shirts, polo shirts, hats and caps, as well as outdoor jackets, all of which can be embroidered at fantastically low prices. If you’d like to see the other items of work wear we offer and the huge range of brands we stock, visit us online at http://www.ppgworkwear.co.uk/. If you would rather speak to an adviser in person, you can call us on 01465 881188. Trust in us for all your embroidered uniforms and embroidered workwear needs.