Embroidered Uniform Shirts

Embroidered Uniform Shirts - What Are The Different Fits Of Shirts?

Embroidered uniform shirts always look smart and professional. It’s little wonder that business owners all over the country – indeed, the world – like to have a good looking, well designed and executed logo on their workwear. But when it comes to shirts, what fit is the best one to choose for your staff?

The first type of fit when it comes to embroidered uniforms shirts is the regular, or classic fit. This type of cut is larger and looser across the chest and waist, creating a less constricted and restricted piece of clothing. For the larger sized person, or for those who wouldn’t normally wear a shirt, it is the best choice as it is more comfortable than some other designs. Next is the modern fit. This type of embroidered workwear is not quite as spacious as the original regular or classic fit, but neither is it entirely tapered. If a man does not feel comfortable in a slim fitting shirt, or does not feel he can pull off a slim fit, yet still wants to have a modern look to his clothing, the modern fit is perfect. The last style of work shirts – and shirts in general – is the slim fit. This shirt is cut so that it fits closer to the body. There is no excess fabric. However, just because it is a slim fit does not mean you should buy one that is too small. The key is to be able to lift your arms when wearing the shirt. If you cannot, it is too small. Even the slimmest of slim fit shirts needs to allow for some movement.

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