Embroidered Uniform Polo Shirts

Embroidered Uniform Polo Shirts - The History Of Embroidery

Embroidered uniform polo shirts have a long history, but they don’t go back as far as the famous and world renowned Bayeux Tapestry. The most intriguing thing about this ‘tapestry’ is that it isn’t a tapestry at all – it is a beautiful, ornate, and giant piece of embroidery instead!

The first record of this impressive piece of embroidery is in 1476, when it was described as being a long, narrow piece of fabric hanging in the cathedral in Bayeux, Normandy. It seemed, so said the descriptors, to depict the Norman conquest of England – otherwise known as the Battle of Hastings that took place in 1066. This huge embroidery was no commonplace bit of embroidered workwear, though. It must have taken many years and many people to complete. Although it was first ‘noticed’ in the late 1400s, it was most likely commissioned in the 1070s by the bishop of Bayeux, Odo. It is over 70 metres long, and could even come from Kent – although historians tend to argue about this point. Embroidered uniforms may well have been created in the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings, to more easily identify who was fighting on which side – it would have been more difficult to recognise your compatriots before this. After all, it’s said that King Harold may well have been shot by one of his own soldiers in all the confusion. Work wear and uniforms embroidered beautifully, either by hand or by machine, can make a big difference to how your employees are perceived – and how successful your company is.

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