Embroidered Uniform Patches

Embroidered Uniform Patches - What Is The Oldest Patch In The World?

Embroidered uniform patches are commonplace these days on both military and civilian uniforms and workwear. It wasn’t always that way, however, and it wasn’t until World War I that they really began to be used to signify different regiments. What else do we know about the history of something that is now utilised every day?

The first known appearance of embroidered uniforms – or at least patches used on them – comes from the 1st Infantry Division of the United States Army. This is the oldest continuously serving regiment in the American army, and therefore it has the oldest embroidered uniform patches. These are actually rather well-known and absolutely iconic. They consist of a large figure 1 in red on a khaki coloured background; they even have the nickname of The Big Red One, the same as the division itself. So these embroidered work patches that are put on the army uniforms are important, and are seen as something to be very proud of. This is why good embroidery is such an essential skill – and why if the embroidering is done by machine it needs to be a professional quality one. Embroidered workwear can instil a similar sense of pride within workers as the important and iconic army patches can in soldiers. It is all about being in a team or a group with a positive goal to work towards. Embroidered work wear and uniform patches are a symbol of being part of something; and for some people, that is all the motivation they need to work better and harder than ever.

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