Embroidered Shirts For Work

Embroidered Shirts For Work - What Is The History Of The Polo Shirt?

Embroidered shirts for work are, for some, an essential part of any uniform. There are many different shirts to choose from. They can be standard shirts with buttons up the front, dress shirts for formal occasions, t shirts, or perhaps a polo shirt. Polo shirts are very popular and have an interesting history.

The polo shirt is one of the most iconic pieces of clothing and fashion in the world. One great thing about it is that it can easily become embroidered workwear. But where does it come from and why is it loved so much? The polo shirt first made an appearance in the 1800s in Manipur, India. This is the place where the game of polo was created, and so it makes sense that the most popular embroidered work shirts also came from there. The original polo shirts were long sleeved, uncomfortable and impractical. British soldiers re-worked these shirts that were used for polo rather than for work. They added a button down collar to keep it from blowing about in the wind, and they rolled up the long sleeves. This kind of shirt began to be worn when playing tennis, as well as other sports. Soon, however, a designer named Lacoste – now a household name – decided that simply rolling up the sleeves was too much hard work, and so he designed an entirely new version of the shirt – and this one had short sleeves already. Jean Rene Lacoste was more than a clothing designer however; he was also a tennis player, and so he knew exactly what he was doing.

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