Embroidered Name Patches For Uniforms

Embroidered Name Patches For Uniforms - Is Iron On Or Sew On The Best Way To Go?

Embroidered name patches for uniform are extremely helpful things. They can include names so that your employees are instantly known. They can also include your logo so that your company is recognised as well. But how are they attached to workwear, and what is the best way to do it?

Embroidered workwear is great, and can really help to drive up awareness of your company, but it can have its limitations, depending on what you want to use it for. For example, embroidered uniforms that have the embroidery sewn directly onto the shirt or jacket itself cannot be as intricate, or has as many colours, as a separate badge or patch. As well as this, the patches can be removed from the work uniform and attached to a new one if the old one is damaged, becomes too old, or becomes too small (or too large). Patches can either be sewn onto workwear or they can be ironed on. The sew-on patches for work wear will be lighter, with a less stiff backing material used. This is to make it easier for a needle to pass through it. Sewing the patches on to a uniform can be done by hand, or by machine, and it requires a fair amount of time and patience. Some dressmakers’ shops will offer a sewing service and this can certainly help. Iron-on patches come with a glue adhered to the back of the patch which, when warmed with the iron, liquefies, becomes sticky, and adheres the patch to the uniform or workwear. This is not always as secure as sewing, however.

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