Embroidered Mens Work Shirts

Embroidered Mens Work Shirts - How To Get The Right Size Work Shirt

Embroidered mens work shirts come in a wide variety of different styles and fits, and it depends on whether the uniform policy within the business allows for a choice or not as to whether you can try something different. Some policies will specify one style of shirt, whilst other allow for a little more variety.

No matter which type or style of shirt you choose – or are given – the fit is extremely important when it comes to embroidered workwear. It needs to be comfortable because you will be wearing it for many hours at a time, and for a number of days at a stretch. Embroidered work shirts should ideally be fitted before ordering, even if this means measuring to make sure. Don’t forget that every shirt style is different, and just because you wear one size at home, that doesn’t mean it will be the same when it comes to work wear. Dress shirts are often fitted from the collar, and all measurements stem from that. However, for work wear it is unlikely you will be wearing an embroidered formal shirt (although it is perfectly possible!). It is much more likely that you will be wearing something less formal, perhaps more like the Oxford or ‘grandad’ style of shirt. These shirt sizes are based on chest size, and come in small, medium, large, and so on. To measure your chest, wrap the measuring tape around you, under the armpits, making sure you incorporate the fullest part of your chest. The tape needs to rest lightly – not too tight and not too loose. This will give you your shirt size.

No matter what style of shirt you need, PPG Workwear can offer a range of embroidered mens work shirts from our website at http://www.ppgworkwear.co.uk/. Dress shirts, formal, and less formal are all there for you. If you can’t see what you need, just contact us on 01465 881188 or email sales@ppgclothing.co.uk.