Embroidered Dickies Work Shirts

Embroidered Dickies Work Shirts - Why Should Your Business Sponsor Local Sports?

Embroidered Dickies work shirts can be a fabulous part of any work uniform, and when they are embroidered by an expert company, it is even better. But your logo doesn’t just have to go on your own uniforms – it can be embroidered onto other people’s uniforms too.

Sponsoring a local sports team, be it an adult team or a youth side, is a great way of showing off your company to more people. Embroidered workwear can be sportswear too, and if you have your company name on a team’s kit, it can truly help your business thrive. This kind of embroidered clothing can enhance your company presence and increase awareness. Embroidered work shirts for a sports team is a different kind of advertising; it is, in fact, almost welcome. Many people can ‘tune out’ when it comes to advertising, but on a team’s kit it is all part of the game, and becomes much more interesting to everyone involved. Funding a sports kit for a local team, with your logo and company name embroidered on it, helps keep the cost of amateur sports low. This means that more players can get involved, which they perhaps wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. You have the satisfaction of also having given something back to your community, as well as the value of the advertising to your company. Don’t forget that these ‘work shirts’ being embroidered offer outstanding value – the money you pay to buy and embroider them is a much cheaper way of raising your profile than many other kinds such as newspaper or online advertising.

Embroidered Dickies work shirts are just one of the many different options available from PPG Workwear. We are a leading company when it comes to bespoke embroidery on work uniforms, and our range can be seen at http://www.ppgworkwear.co.uk/. Have you got any questions? Then contact us on 01465 881188 or email sales@ppgclothing.co.uk.