Dickies Work Shirts Embroidered

Dickies Work Shirts Embroidered - The Differences Between Direct Embroidery And An Embroidered Patch

Dickies work shirts embroidered with your company logo can make your business look professional and cohesive. Embroidery such as this on your workwear gives your team a sense of belonging and pride. But what are the differences between direct embroidery and an embroidered patch? And does it make any difference to the finished design?

Direct embroidery is the process of stitching a logo or wording directly onto a piece of clothing, so that it looks like part of the shirt itself. This works well for all manner of embroidered workwear. This is most often done using an embroidery machine, although it can be done by hand by a skilled professional. Bear in mind that this would cost much more, however. Embroidered work shirts on which logos and the like have been directly stitched look both smart and professional. Although patches are still embroidery, they look different and are perceived differently to direct embroidery on either workwear or other garments. The patches are usually created in bulk, and are embroidered onto a separate piece of material. This is then stitched onto the original garment, although they can sometimes be ironed on depending on the material they are made from. They have an advantage in that they can be moved from shirt to shirt, which can’t be done with traditional, direct embroidery on work shirts. This means that if a shirt is damaged, the patch can still be used. It is also possible to add more details to a patch. But they are sometimes seen as looking a little less professional than direct embroidery.

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