Custom Embroidered Workwear

Custom Embroidered Workwear - Should Your Logo Look Like Your Competitor’s Logo?

Custom embroidered workwear offer businesses the chance to show their brand on clothing to enable a constant flow of additional advertising. This kind of workwear that includes your logo can really make a big difference. But there is one major factor you should try to avoid if you want to succeed.

Many business owners want their embroidered workwear UK wide to feature their logo so that their business can be easily and immediately recognised. So choosing or designing a logo that is similar to your biggest rival’s is never a good idea. Yet it is so easily done. Some business owners look at their competitors and see that they are doing well, and therefore ‘take inspiration’ from those logos when creating their own. After all, if it works for the rival company, surely is it bound to work for them too? But this is not necessarily the case. In fact, it can have completely the opposite effect. Having a logo that is too similar to a bigger company can just mean that, rather than making your company more publicised, all you are doing is reminding people of the larger, better known company. You will therefore lose out on business to them. Even if you have embroidered workwear, it won’t help if your logo is too similar to someone else’s. The best plan is to do something entirely different to your rival – much like Pepsi is blue and Coca Cola is red. Be the opposite. Do the opposite. Use your logo to set yourself apart from the others, not make yourself the same.

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