Custom Embroidered Work Shirts

Custom Embroidered Work Shirts - How To Wear The Short Sleeved Shirt

Custom embroidered work shirts come in a number of different styles such as polo shirt, t shirt and button shirt. They also come in both long and short sleeved versions. Some people can be unsure when it comes to short sleeved shirts, however, thinking they aren’t very fashionable.

These kinds of embroidered work shirts can look great, though, when the right thought has gone into them. No one should ever be afraid of wearing a short sleeved shirt to work – they are just as smart as their long sleeved counterparts. The best way to wear short sleeved work shirts is to make sure they have the right fit. That means that they should be slim fitting but not tight. This way they can look effortlessly cool, no matter what time of year. Add to that the embroidery and you have a stylish uniform. When it comes to embroidered workwear, don’t steer clear on the short sleeved work shirt. A shirt like this needs to be seen as plain and simple. Make it a single colour if you can, rather than patterns or checks. Not only will this project a more professional image for the company, but it will also ensure that the shirt looks its best. Because this is a work uniform, employees may not be able to choose a colour that suits them best, but if everything else is done correctly with this garment, it won’t matter. And on a final note, the short sleeved button up work shirt – embroidered or not – can most definitely be worn with a tie.

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