Custom Embroidered Work Jackets

Custom Embroidered Work Jackets - How Do High Vis Jackets Work?

Custom embroidered work jackets can come in any size, shape or style, and that include high visibility. High visibility – or high vis – jackets are an extremely important and useful piece of safety equipment, or PPE (personal protective equipment). They need to be worn in warehouses, on building sites and in a variety of other places.

We know that high vis jackets are an important part of any employee’s health and safety personal protective equipment. High vis jackets work well in both daytime and night time situations, since they have a fluorescent part that works in the sunlight, with a reflective part that works in manmade light. But how exactly do these embroidered workwear jackets operate? Well, they are made from fluorescent material with additional reflective shapes on them. The ultra violet rays from the sun actually react with the fluorescent colours in the material. This makes them ‘glow’ and ensures better visibility in the daylight. They also work at night, becoming reflective as light sources (such as street lights and headlights) bounce off the reflective shapes, and make them glow too. Some high visibility products also include glass bead technology. This type of technology scatters the light away from the jacket and back towards the light source, making the wearer easy to see. Remember, fluorescent colours alone don’t work in the dark; there must be a reflective material added to the fluorescent material in order to ensure that the wearer can be seen. Having your protective work wear embroidered is one more way to make sure that your employees are recognised.

It is perfectly possible to have custom embroidered work jackets in high vis material. PPG Workwear can provide them. Our years of expertise offer a service and products that are second to none. See our website (http://www.ppgworkwear.co.uk/) or contact us (01465 881188 or sales@ppgclothing.co.uk) for more details or to place an order.