Custom Embroidered Dickies Work Shirts

Custom Embroidered Dickies Work Shirts And Why Wool Is So Great

Custom embroidered Dickies work shirts always look great under a smart, bespoke embroidered wool cardigan or jumper. This is a smart yet casual and comfortable look that allows employees to express their individuality whilst also adhering to your company’s uniform rules. What is it about wool that is so unique and well loved?

One of the best things about wool, which is so great to wear over embroidered work shirts, is that it is sustainable. Every year sheep are shorn, but every year the wool grows back ready to be shorn again the next year. It’s ideal. And it doesn’t damage or hurt the sheep at all. In fact, they feel cooler and lighter once the heavy wool is removed from them. Embroidered workwear made of wool is therefore very environmentally friendly. Wool is also hypoallergenic. This means that it calms allergies and doesn’t necessarily create them. Work shirts worn under embroidered wool v neck jumpers and cardigans are comfortable for this reason. Dust mites don’t like wool, and since dust mites are the major cause of allergies and asthma, wearing wool is a great way to combat these problems. Another fantastic natural and positive thing about wool is that it is fire resistant. Rather than burning, wool smoulders and then the fire goes out. Therefore, when it comes to PPE and safety, wool worn over a work shirt is a great idea. It is so good that you will find that fire fighters incorporate wool into their own uniform for extra safety reasons.

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